It's free to attend! So come on down!


Did you know that Taste of Shakopee was acquired by JCI Shakopee back in 2011?

JCI Shakopee is an all-volunteer organization that offers the opportunity for a young person to find their own path in volunteering and service. Junior Chamber International otherwise referred to as "Jaycess" offer a connection to mentoring, true ownership over work and connection to something larger than the individual-all things essential to the engagement of young adults in volunteering.

JCI Shakopee utilizes profits from Taste of Shakopee and other fundraisers like Taste to make positive change in our community. Funds raised by this event are filtered back into our community (and surrounding communities) through donations. Over the years we have donated over $100,000 to organizations including but not limited to: CAP Agency, Dollars for Scholars, Shakopee Public School Athletics, Shakopee Easter Egg Hunt, Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women, PACER Center, Operation Glass Slipper, and many more. If you would like to know more about this volunteer organization please visit www.facebook.com/jcishakopee/


The goals of the Taste of Shakopee

  • To provide a public relations community event.
  • To provide an opportunity for food service businesses to connect with thousands of patrons to show off their product.
  • To provide a marketplace for the promotion of your community businesses


What happens at the Taste of Shakopee

This event plans to tantalize all your senses! Come smell and taste all the freshly cooked delights offered to you by local restaurants. Come see all the offering from local business vendors. Come hear the music playing in the amphitheater. And come feel the bass as you dance the night away. Because you know it's all about the bass! 

The event is free to attend and tickets are sold for $1 each.



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